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Custom stretcher transportation Supplier Expert

Custom stretcher transportation Supplier Expert , suitable for patient first aid and transportation in emergency room and operating room, electric controller is easy to operate and has complete functions。

Custom stretcher transportation Supplier Expert The frame is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the car surface and guard Bars are made of imported PP engineering plastics by one injection Forming; adopting international advanced central control brake system System; the car surface is a split structure, and the upper body adopts advanced The special spring is used as the source of supporting force, and the back is raised and lowered: 0-60; Overall lifting: 500-900mm;

1.Forming The frame is made of high-quality carbon steel,and the car surface

2.Four fixed legs with anti-skidding tips.

3.Upholstered top section with latex-free, impermeable and fire resistant material.

4.Adjustable back rest: 70˚ ± 5˚.

5.Equipped with a removable IV rod.

6.For patients’ safety, the couch must be equipped with a pair of drop down barriers.

7.Dimensions of the couch:

Length: 1950 mm

Width: 750 mm

Height: 560 mm to 900 mm

8.Weight capacity: at least 250 kg.


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