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D3-I Electro- hydraulic Operating Table

D3-I china electric hydraulic operation table is made specially to meet demand of general surgical operations.It adopts full 304 stainless steel,excellent properties on anti-rust.Tabletop is X-raying available.can be sliding for over300mm,that meet C-arm need.

Learn About China Electric Hydraulic Operation Table:

D3I is an electro-hydraulic operating table with a new level of quality and function. It is more suitable for medical personnel to operate with dual controls and dual operations.Using hydraulic system control technology, the operation table has characteristics of stable operation, low failure rate and Long service life. The operating table can be controlled by the hand controller and the side control panel to to achieve adjustment of the lifting, translation, RE trendelenburg and
trendelenburg, left and right tilting and back board.

China Electric Hydraulic Operation Table Application:

Length 2100±50mm Wide width 500mm
Max. height 1000±50mm Min. height 700mm
lean forward ≥30° lean backward ≥30°
Left ≥20° Right ≥20°
 Head plate up ≥45°  Head plate down ≥90°
 Back plate up ≥78° Back plate down ≥28°
Leg plate up ≥20° Leg plate down ≥90°
Leg plate outward ≥90° waist bridge lifting 100mm
table translation 300mm Power supply 220V,50HZ
Loading capacity ≥240kg Package 1405×725×885mm


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