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Hospital Orthopedic Traction Bed EM-A31

Hospital Orthopedic Traction Bed EM-A31


Size: 2150×900×500

Back adjustment 60°±5°;

Leg adjustment 35°±5°; right and left apart up

The load-bearing capacity of the bed is not less than 260KG



  • The frame of the bed body is welded with 80 * 40 * 1.5 square shaped tube, with advanced welding process, high welding quality, solid bed body, and bearing capacity of more than 240kg;
  • Machine surface: 1.2mm cold rolled steel plate. Stamping into concave, multi hole design, easy to ventilate and anti-skid function.
  • The bed body is made of Aksu Nobel imported antibacterial powder by electrostatic spraying, which has the function of environmental protection and antibacterial.
  • The headboard and tailboard are made of ABS engineering plastics by one-time injection molding. The hanging design is detachable, convenient, seamless, stable and reliable. There is a patient information card slot outside the tailboard;
  • It is equipped with stainless steel foldable handle, the screw rod is made of 45 ᦇ steel, the screw mouth is smooth,and the screw rod has two-way neutral gear protection device, which is safe and durable.
  • The four corners of the bed have anti-collision design. The four corners are equipped with infusion rack jack, (optional) infusion rack.
  • The bed legs are equipped with foot bumps, which are wear-resistant and anti noise.
  • (optional) the full cover aluminum alloy folding guardrail is made of thickened aluminum alloy material, which is durable, not easy to deform, anti-corrosion, smooth, beautiful and easy to clean.
  • (optional) φ 125 silent casters, four corner brake, easy to fix or push the bed.
  • Two exercise handles are provided for patients to do recovery training in bed. The traction support adopts Φ thirty-eight × 1.5mm round pipe support


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