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Stainless Steel Sector care cart B23

Stainless Steel Sector care cart B23

B23 Stainless steel instrument cart is one kind of hospital furniture. Cart body is made of high -quality 304 stainless steel,sturdy and durable.

Fully upgraded performance, both appearance and function.


Stainless Steel Sector care cart B23 frame uses φ25*1.1mm and φ19*1.1mm High -quality 304 stainless steel pipes. The panel is 1.0mm high -quality 304 stainless steel; the surface has no flaws, burrs and other defects. Each welding component is smooth.

Care cart B23 welds are evenly and firm, without defects such as burning, cold cracks, and leakage;

Three sides of the stainless steel core, supporting tube reinforcement under the two layers of counter-tops;

Five φ100 ultra -mute foot wheels, two with brake, anti -static, no hair entanglement, movement light and flexible, easy to push;


Applicable to place instruments and items in the hospital operating room .

Cart size:L1400×W460×H900(mm)


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