Odm LED Series Portable Three Petal Supplier EM-LED720L

Odm LED Series Portable Three Petal Supplier EM-LED720L

The petal series surgical shadowless lamp is also a kind of LED. Because the lamp head is petal-shaped and has a special shape, it is introduced separately.

The petal series surgical shadowless lamp can do vertical circular movement, which can meet the needs of different heights and angles in the operation. The entire shadowless lamp is composed of multiple high-brightness white LED lamp beads, and several lamp beads are connected in series to form a group, which is called high-brightness light-emitting diode; it is formed in parallel in groups, and each group is independent of each other. When the lamp bead fails, other lamp beads of the shadowless lamp can still work normally.



Main technical parameters of petal series shadowless lamp

(customized products can be made according to requirements)

Lamp holder model YCLED720L
Illuminance (lux at 1M) 180000
Color temperature (K) 4300±500
Spot diameter (mm) 100—300
Illumination depth (mm) ≥1200
bright adjustment 1-100
Color Rendering Index CRI ≥97%
Color Reproduction Index RA ≥97%
The temperature rise of the surgeon’s head () ≤1
Temperature rise in the working area of the surgical field () ≤2
voltage 220V±22V 50HZ±1HZ
input power 400VA
Average lamp life (h) ≥60000
Bulb power 1W/3V



◇The flat and streamlined design of the lamp head greatly reduces the influence of the lamp panel on the laminar flow with excellent low heat production, which is more in line with the requirements of the full laminar flow operating room.

◇The lamp beads are imported from Germany “OSRAM” brand, using a special optical system, 360° uniform illumination on the observed object, no shadows, high definition, excellent color reproduction and standard natural white light, true reproduction Organize color, and achieve constant color temperature under any light intensity conditions, impact resistance, not easy to break, no mercury pollution, and the emitted light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet radiation pollution.

◇The balancer adopts the “ONDAL” brand imported from Germany, and the excellent control performance eliminates the drift and instability of the lamp arm.

◇The coating is sprayed with the world’s leading AkzoNobel powder coating and anti-glare treatment, which meets the strict requirements of surgical lighting. The design of the lamp head focuses on reducing the degree of turbulence. The streamlined lampshade of the whole lamp arm is carefully designed according to the aerodynamic principle, completely Meets the standards of modern new operating rooms.

◇Pure DC power supply eliminates the stroboscopic situation, does not easily cause eye fatigue, and does not cause harmonic interference to other equipment in the work area, improving work efficiency.


Petal series surgical shadowless lamps are divided into double-head YCLED720/720, YCLED5+5, single-head YCLED720, YCLED5, and mobile YCLED720L, YCLED5L according to the model.

All product models are divided into three-lobed, four-lobed and five-lobed according to shape.

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of user requirements, only providing high-quality lighting effects can no longer meet the needs of users. Therefore, we provide various configurations for petal series shadowless lamps, including domestic round arms, imported round arms, and imported square arms. match.

In addition, a high-quality video and camera system overall solution is also selected for users to choose. The camera includes built-in camera and external camera. Professional LCD monitors and high-definition LCD monitors are optional.

Professional DVR hard disk video recorder, which can realize multi-screen segmentation and real-time display, 500G hard disk for real-time recording and uninterrupted long-term storage of surgical images, which can realize network transmission of surgical images and remote diagnosis and treatment, which is convenient for on-site consultation and teaching. It is the best choice for professional operating rooms. choose.


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