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ZF700/500 Halogen reflector shadowless lamp

Halogen Surgical Light is a simple and practical surgical shadowless lamp that adopts unique multi-mirror reflection technology, is equipped with OSRAM bulbs, has a streamlined lampshade design, and can be greatly rotated.

Learn about Halogen Surgical Light ZF700/500:

  • Unique multi-mirror reflector technology, through precise computer design, each700 lamp body has 3584 pieces, 500 lamp body has 2150 pieces of multi-function filter reflector surface, using special optical coating materials, so that the lighting effect tends to be perfect. Uniform light beam, eliminating glare; excellent cold light effect, the temperature rise under the lamp holder does not exceed 2 ℃ during longterm surgery

Halogen Surgical Light ZF700/500 Specifications:

  • Lamp holder model ZF700 ZF500
    Illumination 180000 160000
    Color temperature 4300±500 4300±500
    Spot diameter 100—300 100—300
    Illumination depth ≥1200 ≥1200
    Brightness adjustment 1-100 1-100
    Color rendering index CRI ≥97% ≥97%
    Color reproduction index RA ≥97% ≥97%
    The temperature rise of the surgeon’s head ≤1 ≤1℃
    The temperature rise of the working area of the surgical field ≤2 ≤2
    Operating radius ≥2200 ≥2200
    Working radius 600—1800 600—1800
    Power supply voltage 220V±22V 50HZ±1HZ 220V±22V 50HZ±1HZ
    Input power 400VA 400VA
    Average lamp life    ≥1500    ≥1500
    lamp power 150W 150W
    Main and sub bulb switching time ≤0.1秒 ≤0.1秒
    The best installation height 2800—3000 2800—3000


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