Stainless steel medicine trolley
Stainless steel medicine trolley B12

Stainless steel medicine trolley B12

Hospital furniture quality 304 stainless steel medicine trolley,suitable for oral solution transportation.

Casters: 4 3-inch universal wheels, high wear resistance, no noise, with brakes, good stability

Others: double drawers with 80 compartments, two layers up and down; there are debris boards and double-layer guardrails at the bottom of the car, which can place debris, stable and reliable


Stainless steel medicine trolley B12 whole trolley is made of 304 stainless steel, fence, column is made of solid stainless steel rod, strong and durable;

Double drawers are convenient for medicine placing;

Equipped with ultra -mute wheels, two wheels with brakes;

Medicine trolley B12 size can be customized;


Applicable to the transportation and stock of hospital,clinic medicines.

Trolley size:L600×W420×H800(mm)


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